Are you feeling a little stressed out because the phone isn't ringing with cottage reservation requests? You're probably feeling a little confused because you’ve done everything have a website, a Facebook page, and you even listed your unit on a few of those online booking agent websites. However, the phone isn't ringing and you're not completely booked for the summer yet. Why is this?

Quite simply, if you’re serious about getting booked up before the summer, then you need a different approach.

For over 15 years, we have been helping businesses generate leads that convert to paid clients. We engage in Digital Marketing efforts on behalf of your company, that makes getting reservations a snap!

How Do We Do It?

Our digital marketing program for cottage rental agencies are effective because we combine Facebook Messenger ads with a Messenger Chat Bot. Together, they increase conversion by about 70%...and all that means is you get more bookings and make more money as a result.

Let me briefly explain the plan we take with your cottage marketing to get you bookings...

STEP 1: Setup Meeting

The first thing we will need to do is setup your advertising account, get access to it and your Facebook page. Additionally, we will need to work together to develop the right content for your ad - we can write it, but we will need to ask you questions to ensure the content we write truly engages your target audience. Without proper copy, your ads will fail every single time. We work closely with you to ensure this doesn't happen.

STEP 2: Landing Pages
Once we've discussed ad content and other important setup steps, we will develop an offer landing web page that details your promotion (including pricing, photos and more). A landing page is a very effective way to keep readers focused on taking the specific action you need them to (i.e. renting your cottage).

We will also setup a chat bot, which will automatically reply to 3 basic questions about your cottage rental services. If you purchase more than 1 campaign, you will get access to an advanced chat bot, which acts more like an online customer service rep. It will answer all the basic questions that your potential customers may ask with the objective of increasing conversion and creating more sales. This is a very time-consuming project to setup; therefore, it's only available to those who purchase a larger package. The best thing about advanced chat bots is that every time someone inquires, they become part of your re-targeting campaigns. This is not something you get with an online booking agent like

STEP 3: Chat Bots

STEP 4: Facebook Messenger Campaigns

Now that all the setup work is completed, it's time to run a series of Facebook Messenger ads to promote your cottages for rent. Depending on the package you choose, we may setup just one campaign, 3 or even 6! The ad setup service includes selection of proper images and writing effective ad copy (content) development. We will also make sure you're comfortable responding to messages from people who are interested.

STEP 5: Re-targeting Campaigns

Then we setup a series of re-targeting campaigns that act as a gentle reminder to everyone who expressed interest in your products or services. They are extremely effective because they get people thinking about your cottages again.

STEP 5: Sponsored Messages

A sponsored message is something we send to everyone who contacted you about your ad. The message is delivered directly to their Facebook Messenger inbox, and typically generates a lot of high-interest inquiries. We don't do these anymore than once per month, because it can upset people. Nobody likes to be bombarded with sales messages - especially on Facebook chat.

STEP 6: Monthly Webinars

When you sign-up for a seasonal package, you will be invited to our monthly webinar where we will work together to answer questions, trade success tips, and more!

Need Photography Services?

Most of our clients own property in a specific area, but don't actually live there. In these cases, you may require photography services so you have appropriate photos of your cottages. This offer is available to units located in the maritime provinces only. Costs differ depending on where you reside. Please contact us for a quote at

Below are some samples of photos we've taken for other clients...

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Files To Send Us

  • We will require a copy of any existing marketing materials you currently have including logo, brochures, etc. Please email copies to me at

  • We require photos (both interior, exterior, views, etc.) of your cottage properties. Please send us a link to a Dropbox file containing the images. If you don't know how to do this, just let us know and we will discuss during our Zoom meeting.